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Full Version: Hello, it's uzi.
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Hello MyBB Central, some of you may know me from many other forum based websites including TheTechGame, XboxMB, HackForums, NextGenUpdate, Game-Tuts and many others. I started a website through mybb about a month ago in order to get something which was better than those freeforums based websites.

My website:

Personal; I'm 15, I live in the United Kingdom and enjoy boxing, rubgy, computing, graphical design, creating websites. I'm currently learning programming, website creating and coding.

I became a premium member in order to download the Tabbed groups plugin although I only found out it's compatible with 1.4x and not the current one I'm using (1.6.4). That's very unfortunate, You may have seen me around the mybb official forums, I go by the username of 'Alternate' considering uzi is taken by someone else.

I can't wait to see the released plugins on here, thanks for the welcoming in advanced. Regards,
Hello.. welcome to the forums.. Tongue

Seems like you have a lot to say about yourself..
Just letting others know who I am, thanks Project for the welcoming.
Kia ora Cool

Be sure to be watching the Rugby World Cup Wink
in New Zealand

Nice theme on your site Smile
When I originally created this website introduction I was using a different theme, someone I knew gave me a newer looking theme package over AIM. I then installed it and it actually looks very nice. I messed up some of my plugins although I have been working on getting them back up and running as they were before. Thank you for the welcoming, I might watch the Rugby world cup although I'm not really into it.