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Full Version: Tabbed group not working properly.
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Hello MyBB Central,

I am requesting a slight bit of help with the Tabbed group plugin. I recently became a premium member in order to use this plugin and this plugin only. It would be very unfortunate if no one bothers to give me some assistance.
So to begin, I downloaded the plugin about 2 hours ago, I installed everything correctly like it mentioned on the readme.txt file included. After that I activated the plugin and had some minor problems..

  • The tabs went downwards instead of beside each other.
  • They weren't actually tabs, they displayed as links/text.
  • After creating two groups nothing displayed inside the second one, everything was in the first group.

Keep in mind that the plugin is compatible for MyBB version 1.4x. I'm not entirely certain if it works for others, I'm using 1.6.4. Could someone explain to me that it doesn't work on 1.6.4 if there's something I have to do to correctly get it installed on that software?

I would appreciate some assistance.
Thanks a lot, regards,
The Plugin does work on 1.6.4 after changing the compatability.
Ensure you have a tabbed.css style sheet in your theme.
If that doesnt work, re-activate

For the other problem, check this thread -

If your still having problems, reply and with a link to your forum and ill PM you.
Thanks but it still didn't work, it shows like this:

[Image: 028d3.png]
Ok will be needing a link to your forum
Never mind, nothing a google search cant find.
Can you please PM me your MSN address so we can talk a bit easier.
If you dont have msn let me know
Sorry, I don't have MSN. If you possibly have AIM then that would work out fine. My AIM username is:

TTGuzi or TTG Uzi.

Thanks a lot.
Link to your site? The release that provides 100% troubleshooting for all problems.
Tabs are fixed. The style sheet wasn't in your source
Your theme is making them position incorrectly.
Thank you everyone and especially Bleepy, it works great Labrocca sorry about the inconvenience.
My theme is slightly messed up although I cannot change it because I will end up losing everything I've installed.
I appreciate the assistance I've received from this community.