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Full Version: Need a simple plugin done for myBB
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Can someone make a plugin where members can only join with invite codes and it ask for it in the registration but when a member makes so many post they can get a invite code and us the member who uses it on the forum can make that amount of post anything they want. This will keep mine and others forums more HQ. if someone could make this you would be a life saver!
Just so this is a bit easier to understand for other users who are reading this.

Members require a invitation code to register.
Members already on the forum have to reach a post goal before they are allowed to invite other users.
The post goal can be set by the admin in the admincp.

If anyone is familiar with, its similar to their SignUp with invitation feature.

Back to the question in hand, I have seen a few threads asking for this feature, but havent yet seen a plugin or HQ solution.
Even though it would limit your member count, it would be very good for a forum with exclusive content.

Ill keep my eyes out and let you know if I find something.
If I had time I would have a look at making something myself.

Also so you know, this wouldnt be "simple"
O I really had no idea and I am really very sorry!
No need to be sorry, its just not as simple as you expect Smile
Ok I really do hope that I can get this done it would be a life saver
I might actually do this, but not right now... I need a lot of time on this one to see how things are going to work out.