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Full Version: Hey guys.
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Hey everyone,

My name is Brandin. I work online at a company called Caliber Hosting. I am the 4th full-time administrator there. I also work online at a company called Astounding Host, as a 2nd Level Support Specialist, and I work at ChatBase as a co-owner.

n o w o n t o m y s e l f .

I am 13 years old.
I attend junior high.
I am a tech enthusiast.
I have little to no graphic designing experience.
I've been working with Web Hosting Services for about 5 years. I worked with my family until I was 11.
I've ran my own web hosting company, and co-owned one.
The web hosting company I ran on my own, lasted for 16 months, and had over 1500 visitors per day, and had to shut down, as we couldn't find a host that could provide us with a VDS that was big enough to support our company. We kindly found hosting for all of our customers though, and paid their first few months.
I have a half-brother and a half-sister.
There is only o n e person I would trust with my whole life, and I've liked (loved) them for 14 months, but I'm not dating them (y e t).

a n y w a y s .
I hope to be able to fit in here, and I think I might be able to remember some of you from when I used to come to forums as 'flashback', 'BrandinA' or "Shocked".

Cya around!

n e v e r f o r g e t 9 8 .