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Full Version: /admin/additionalimg.lang.php does not exist
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[Image: screenshotfld.png]

How do i fix this? the file is added to the right section and so is the plugin.. but the just dont show in the plugin section.. to activate.
Double check that the file is at the location displayed in your error, also if it is, make sure its spelled correctly.
(an easy way to do this is just to copy and paste the file name shown in your error)

Refresh the page and try again.

If that doesnt work, then can you please link me to the plugin download page and ill take a look.
The spelling and everything is okay.. and i dont want the plugin.. its been deleted but it seems like its needed for the account manager thing to work.. which i wish it wouldnt matter..
All the files are deleted from FTP that relate to the plugin and it still wont let you acess your users menu?
If so, thats bizzare!

I would take a look at it for you but will probably require me to take a look at your FTP.
Im happy to do it through Team Viewer if you want.