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Full Version: Multiple groups in showteam.
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Hi i'm currently designing a mybb forum and i have some members in 2 usergroups that should be on showteam,

I would like to know if it's possible to edit showteam.php so the members show in all the groups.

Please reply, thanks.
Do you have a link to your forum?
Yeah, edit the showteam template.

A simple template change won't do it andre, you need it to fetch the additional usergroups also.

(just letting you know, using a cheap domain until i get the tld)
Just so i understand, you want users that appear in more than one group to be shown in those groups on the showteam page and not just their primary group?
Yes, i want them to show up in the tables for there additional groups too, say someone has both admin and mod, i'd like there name to appear in both, preferably both with the colour of the displaygroup of that member too, a bit like vbullitens show team i suppose.