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Full Version: Dedicated Technology Support Forum [Almost 1 year old]
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Hey guys can you please rate this community on a scale from 1 to 10. You can also give me advice and stuff like that. Btw we are getting a new logo, which hopefull will be our final one with a very special moto. Should I make it darker or brighter?
[Image: hjt6bh.jpg]
I like the logo on your signature here better then your new logo for your site. Other then that good luck with your forums Smile
I agree.
You really should change the color of the menu bar to blend in more with the rest of the site.
Well since were at it. The welcome block image needs to be larger so it can cover the entire welcome block Wink
I would give it 7/10. I don't like the logo, else it's ok. Goodluck