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Full Version: Edit background of myawards.php?
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Lol I'm braindead right now. Where in my admin CP can I fix the wallpaper? (
Seeing as nobody has replied to this yet, ill just say that this is very strange and i will look into it for you.
Its something to do with your background image.
On your index, right click the background and notice how "View background image" is greyed out.

The problem is nothing to do with your CSS. Thats perfectly fine, its the way the theme has been made.
Chances are because its a fancy non scroll background, but ive never used one so I dont know how it works.
Can I ask who made it, or where you downloaded it from?

Add this to your footer at the very end and let me know what happens. It doesn't make sense, but it is in the source of your index page, but not the awards page.
<img class="backGroundImg2" src="images/battlefield/background.png"/>
Not sure why it would work placed there as it causes a validation error. But just place it there for my amusement and report back to us.