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Full Version: Tabbed Menu, wont work!
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I have installed the Tabbed Menu plugin and it won't work.

The last tab work but the other's don't:

Working tab :

Other's look like this:

Here is my forum setup:

And this is my tab setup:

I have tried adding the </div> to the end on forum bit, but that doesn't work. Can anybody help me fix this...?
You need to have forums within your catergories to make the plugin work.
Try adding some test forums in every catergory and then try it.

Let me know how you get on.
It still doesnt work.
Ok can I have a link to your forum please
Can you post your forum url so we can take a look?
OffTopic: Lol posted at almost the same time Tongue
I had the same issue. Might be able to help you out.
PM me some contact information.
Here is a link to my site,
Can you set me up a Admin account so I can take a look at your templates please.
They are working for me. I am seeing one forum under each tab.
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