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Full Version: MyBB - We're back!
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Unfortunately due to problems with Namecheap (our domain registrar) we were forced to shut down as there was an accidental chargeback to my credit card (still not sure how it happened), but we now have everything squared away and ready to go again!

If you purchased a subscription before we closed, please PM me the PayPal transaction number from the subscription, and i will give you your rank back within 24 hours!

Quote:I would like to thank you for joining our community. As we are still growing, there is a lack of articles so i would like for everyone to make tutorials, plugins, themes, or any contribution you can to the community. Please do not post other people's work unless you have permission from them to do so.

Who are we?
We are a mybb plugin/theme community. We currently have 2 plugin developers who are working fast to release as many quality plugins as we possibly can.

Why choose us?
We have the cheapest subscription price of any mybb plugin site at just $5 for a permanent subscription, and we are working hard to release many high-quality plugins for our members to use.

What plugins do we currently offer?
We have an advanced donation plugin that will allow you to take donations from your community members straight from your MyBB forum! It will credit the user automatically with a user group specified in the AdminCP.
We also have the "adRotator" plugin which is the most advanced advertisement manager plugin available for MyBB! You can define as many advertisements as you want, and make them only show for a set amount of time -- each ad can have it's own length! You can also move the ad location to anywhere on your forum you want to by simply adding "{adlocation}" to your template where you want it to show!
[Image: logo.png]
Hope you have more content then that and what happened to your old db if your saying were back? Also a new theme is absolutely needed. Since its a mods site I suggest getting a custom theme made so you stand out. Good luck with your forums Smile
For a Mods site, I would expect a better theme, but I guess if you want it to be simple you have the right one. Other than that, best of luck! Smile
Well, neither i nor mike (the other admin) are very good designers. We are looking into buying a custom theme in the near future though!

i'll take a peek at your site. Tongue
Thank you for all of the feedback everyone! It is actually starting to take off. We have already completed 2 private plugin requests Tongue