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Forum Freebies was created with one goal in make forum owners aware of the various goods and services that are readily available to anyone wishing to start their own forum. These services are provided with the realization that not everyone can afford to pay countless dollars to begin a community of their own. Please take the time to browse through our listings and let us know what your opinion is of them (if you use them).

Why We Do What We Do
Many people will turn their noses up to the fact that we are using
(a) a free forum software
(b) a free domain
© free hosting

But that is what we use and we use it for a show you just how much can be done without draining your pocketbook.
We hope you enjoy Forum Freebies and look forward to watching this forum grow, just like yours can. If you want to share any freebies/resources you know of, by all means add them to the lists.

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