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Full Version: AdminMB - Webmaster & Administration Community
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Site Name: AdminMB - Webmaster & Administration Community
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Description: Welcome to the AdminMB advertisement topic! Are aim & goal is to become one of the biggest Webmaster & Administrator Community out there while using MyBB. We are a new Community ready to burst. We offer so many sections & boards that are just right for a Webmaster or an Administrator. Theres plenty more updates on the way you may see the changes sometime soon.

Premium Members: Do you hate it where you have to donate to a community forum to become a Premuim Member? Well with AdminMB you don't have to donate, when you get 50+ posts you automaticly hit the Premium Member group. It's similar to the Registered Member group but you get to edit your usertitle, Able to access the hidden Premium member chat forum, You will get a purple coloured name, Able to post in the ShoutBox.

You may Advertise your websites/forums/blogs/affiliate links in your Signatures.
Only if they don't redirect to a Pornographic/Warez Websites.

Your Name on the Board: Ashley