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Full Version: Upgrade
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Bonjour , j'ai payé pour être prenium.

Mais rien ce passe !


English version :

Hello, I paid for premium.

But nothing that happens!

Thank you.
Please wait upto 48 hours for manual upgrade.
Get a refund, i have been waiting for ages and i cant even pm the admin as it says i have entered a invalid image code when there isnt a image
You folks just need a little more patience it will get to him. Hes got all the Hackforums upgrades to deal with aswell.
Okay thanks for this ...

(sorry for my english , i am french ..)
(Oct 04, 2011, 06:35 AM)Valix Wrote: [ -> ]Okay thanks for this ...

(sorry for my english , i am french ..)

Looks like your part of the family now. Congrats Wink
Lol thanks :p