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Full Version: Confirm My Upgrade
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I paid for premium a few days ago and i sent labrocca a message via contact us link but nothing as happened..
my email is [email protected]
You will get it soon. Instead of messaging him email him.
i have used the contact us page and i cant email him because it says i have to be premium
Is there anyway you can contact him through paypal?
i used google checkout as there isnt a option for paypal
i understand that he is busy but this is taking the piss.. its been like 4 days or something
Ouch it just gets worse everytime some one upgrades.
he emailed me asking for a link to my profile so i replied to email and sent another contact me message with a link but still not a subscriber.. all i want is my plugins !!!!
Do you realize that he manages a website with 200,000 users and 250+ queries per second? Probably not. If you did, you might understand why he hasn't tended to your upgrade yet. Be patient.
Yes i do and i dont care, he gets money who should forget about everything else and concentrate on upgrading and ill decide what to do thanks.
His income is based off of HF, mainly. If you don't like it, chargeback and leave.
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