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Full Version: Repfuck button not appearing.
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Hi, I've recently added the repfuck feature to my website. I went through all the requirements correctly although whenever I go to rate someone there's not a repfuck button. Only the Add Rating button.

Some of my regular users reported last time that they could see the repfuck button. This is slightly weird knowing my regular users can see it but I can't. I'm the owner of the website. If someone could possible help me out with this feature then I would greatly appreciate it,

Thanks a lot.
Yeah this happened to me as well. Open reputation.php and do the following. This needs to be added to the rep fuck button thread.


$delete_button = '';


if(!in_array($mybb->user['usergroup'], array('1', '2', '3','4',)))
        $repfuckbutton = "";
    $repfuckbutton = "<form action=\"repfuck.php?uid=".$_GET['uid']."\" method=\"post\"><input type=\"submit\" name=\"RepFuck\" value=\"RepFuck\" />";

Also, check the usergroup array above, and in repfuck.php.
Thanks buddy, works like a charm!