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Full Version: MyAwards auto award on subscribers or group?
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Is it possible to give an award when someone buys my subscription, or when someone is in a certain group they get an specific award?

No. Has to be done manually.
Sure. How are you adding the person to the group? A plugin or manually or what?
Well, with a plugin. Actually, with two unique ones. With a payal one and a points one.

Can you just give me the code to add the avatar to the user, Ill do the rest and actually implement it.

For the user, a user-id would be sufficient, I can do the rest.

But thats if you have time and all.
I don't believe you can have an award automatically given when a user is automatically added to a group.

I could be wrong, but me not knowing much about PHP, I shouldn't have said it's impossible.
If your using a plugin to change the users group then you might have to add some code to that plugins file, what to add I dont know.
If your doing it manually then its probably its probably worth just giving the user the award manually, its only going to take a few seconds.