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Dear All,

I would like to invite you all to the newly opened Covert Codes. A new recently built community for people who wanna be uber around the web. The original Covert Codes had about 100 members and was basically a hacking site. Due to a database corruption, the site went down, and now it has been revived better than ever. There you will find:

- A Gaming Section for discussion, cheats, hacks
- Gaming Tournaments and Events
- A section for Consoles: Owners of Ps2s, Xboxes, Wiis, PSPs etc. discuss these revolutionary inventions here
- GFX ( Currently looking for Staff)
- Media- TV, Music, Ebooks
- A Section for PC Support and Homework Help (We got graudated members and teachers)
- Learn how to hack and be respected on the web – Get game accounts, admin access to a lot of stuff whilst learning all that easily and in an entertaining way.
- Game Creation – Learn how to make your own Games, MMORPGs, and RPGs. Learn how to Mod Various Games.
- Technical Support for your PC Problems and Homework Help
- And much more…

Join now and support this project. Let’s try and make a new home for cool people on the net.
I like the theme, but the banner could use a little work to match the rest of the forum.
theme is good
Very good