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Full Version: Mybb Staff List page
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Can some one tell me to make a staff page like this
Is it the whole plugin or simple page?
[Image: wcg136.png]
Thanks alot
I doubt it's a plugin. Most likely a page coded from scratch but I could be wrong.
This looks good, but I like the seperation on the original.
Maybe if we could keep the tables for each group and then just add their avatars etc.

I just looks like the member postbit so it could be either really, but id create a page.
But if you were planning on making changes it would be an idea to make a plugin.

Im going to take a look at this, I dont go on HF anymore.
ok thanks
Mods please close it
There are no mods unbelievably, just Labrocca and MattR
(Oct 19, 2011, 06:23 AM)BleepyEvans Wrote: [ -> ]There are no mods unbelievably, just Labrocca and MattR

I asked Labrocca if he needed help with MYBBC. He said there are less than 20 posts per day, so no point.
Then why isnt he doing aynthing about Spam, Repeat and Offtopic posts etc ^^
Im tempted not to even helping out anymore because people arent helping themselves!
I remove any spam just about daily. There is usually maybe 5 spam posts per week. It's nothing.