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Full Version: Going to Upgrade
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I am really considering upgrading my account to get access to the plugins, but i have a few questions:

How long does it take for my account to get upgraded once i send payment?

MyIPN Paypal Subscriptions v2 - Once setup does this plugin run on its own? For example: Could i go to work one day, come back and i have received $30 from people upgrading their accounts. Does it involve no work for me? For example me manually upgrading their account once i receive payment.

And does MyBB Central have the plugin which supports this?:

[Image: 1pic2.png]

Tabs separating other forums
Anyone willing to help out?

I'd like to know the information before i make the payment.
The Tabs, yes, it's called MyTabs.. or something like that. but you need to upgrade your account. Also,It takes up to 48 hours to get your membership, and MyIPN is automated. You have the settings, you can choose Auto or Manual Upgrade. I use it.
Fuck sake, i put exactly $10 on my paypal to purchase it and NOW ITS GOING UP IN PRICE???
Fuckign VAT they can fuck off, im not going to purchase
Its called Tabbed Menu and which checkout option were you looking at?