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Full Version: How to Deactivate Users [Help Please]
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Hello myBB Users,

I have a question

[Image: 2tcxz3.png]

I'd like an option to DEACTIVATE USERS.

So basically the account exists but it's just deactivated. I do not want to use the ban option. Or make them Awaiting activation.

I specifically want this option so that The plugin

Can create a thread for each user, since it only creates one one a new registration.

I tried putting a user in Awaiting activation group and re activating them but It did not create a thread
I don't understand what you mean by deactivate, considering that the Awaiting Activation group is the only one where the account is not activated.
I tried putting someone in "awaiting activation" and reactivate the account but the plugin did not create a new thread for them.

It only works when a person actually registers.

The plugin should only create threads based on new user registrations. Not whether a user's group is switched (which is what happens with the activation.)