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Full Version: Username Styles!
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Hey there! I am in desperate need of help for my new forums! I am after a username style that is light blue, a medium blue, and an orange. If you could help me out, much would be appreciated!<3
So you want three different colors on each username?
(Nov 03, 2011, 01:23 AM)F4T4L 3RR0R Wrote: [ -> ]So you want three different colors on each username?

Nope, I desperately need 3 different colours for 3 different groups Smile.
<span color:"red">{username}</span>

By default staff groups come shipped with styling, so just steal it from them Smile
GERRRR Bleepy, you beat me to it!

You could also replace "red" with #HEXCOLORCODEGOESHERE
which is #ff0000
Photoshop is a good tool for finding the perfect HEX code, otherwise this is a neat site:
I mean any hex code.
Yer I know, but just making sure that he doesnt replace red with "#HEXCODEGOESGERE" Trust me, someone has asked me why its not working before and ive found something similar. Unbeliable I know.