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Full Version: Need Feedback of my Website
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Alright lads. I got to be quick, need to go out.

I am currently developing a forum @ which is a forum for people which is mostly interested in gaming and learning new things within the computing category. We hold separate forums for Computing, Coding/Programming, Gaming, Graphics, Web Design and Marketing.

I need some feedback, browse through the site and tell me what i could improve on. I am looking for negatives here, but also some positives Smile

The forum is currently not launched yet, but feel free to make a account. I have to make a few tweaks to the forum which i currently know of.

I know there are a lot of forums which are pretty much exactly the same as this one, but i also learn from making these forums as i do study ICT at college and plus i like doing it. i am willing to put the effort into making it successful.

Need the Feedback Lads!

Also, currently recruiting moderators for the forum. PM me for more information.
  • You could do with matching your sidebox thead with your forum thead head. The heights arent the same and theres no border radius.
  • Im not too keep on the border radius on the tcat because it kinda looks untidy when two meet.
  • You should get rid of the forum statistics sidebox, basically coz the more detailed box is right below it, and its occupiing a whole lot of empty space.
  • Maybe try making tfoot the same as thead or flipping the gradient so its slightly differnet. Having a solid color does look ok, but im not too sure if it matches the rest of your forum.
  • Give the bottommenu a bit of border radius to match the rest of your forum.
  • I think you should try removing a bit of space between the links and advertisements
  • Tabs could do with being nearer the thead and maybe also have some more CSS applied to them like differnet colors and border radius
  • Standard MyBB Buttons ARGHHH

I think thats about it. But everything else does look pritty good Smile
Im glad you have removed the on on lock images and replaced them with forum icons.

BTW this is all if I was picking on every little thing. I wouldnt usually be this strict unless everything was looking rather good already Smile

Thanks for the feedback man, much appreciated.

+repped you.