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Full Version: 1.6 myshoutbox Notification Bot addon
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Greetings mybb users, I've currently been working on an addon to Pirata Nervo's myshoutbox plugin which involves a bot notifying the users when someone posts a new thread or replies to a thread.

[Image: BotBox.png]


-Alerts users when someone posts a new post (See Screenshot)
-Allows Administrators to Speak using the Bot as well
-Has link to user's profile and the post
-Secure, (No DB Vulnerability)

WilsonTheBot v2


Good job man
Indeed, with help from another user Version 3 should be released soon! Big Grin

hmmm, its fine plugin, but the download link is DEAD, can you make another one please ? Big Grin
Yea links dead.
I took the Download down because after readvising my code i noticed that i wasn't calling the mybb database, I just entered my SQL database's credentials in manually so Im fixing that as well as Uploading more features... Currently added:

-30% of brain (Trying to make him be able to respond to users and have a conversation)
-Greeting to New Registrations (Every time a new member registeres it Posts a Greeting welcoming them to the forum, check out the demo page if you want an example )

So the next release will be v3 and will have tons more features and compatibility on all forums

I think its a great idea, but the AI response?
Be honest, that could just be a waste of time, but a great idea either way.
Haha, you are probably right... Building a brain into him is harder than I thought, and is proving to be even more difficult than anticipated... So I may throw that Idea out the window... but the others features are coming along nicely Big Grin

invalid or Deleted File, can anyone update this one please Sad
file deleted. plz re up
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