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Full Version: [paid]I'm looking for a theme designer
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Hello there MybbCentral,

Well I desperatly need to get my forum done as I've put it on hold for quite some time now.

I have a few ideas but generally speaking i'm not what you'd call artistically "evolved" by which I mean I suck at art. So I need someone who can fully design and code me a theme for

Of course this is a paid offer, if you feel like your interested please PM me a quote, It's also probably worth mentioning that if your also good at coding plugins that would be a + as I'm reasonably sure I have a few needs that would require custom plugins to be made for me.

I would really appriciate it if anyone who thinks they have what it takes gives it a go so please don't hesitate to PM me.

The Design

Well my idea was to have a copy of the kinda layout has but then you could change it around a bit to better suit a forum (keeping in mind its a hacking forum). It would probably use the Tabs plugin so I could organize different sections. The plugin I'd like to have (if its not already out there...) is basically when someone posts a thread and someone else views that thread, I want it to have a slider from 1-10 and you can drag it to any of those numbers. The person would then click submit vote and it would update something in the sql db, so when someone clicks on the top link (which I'll add to the postbit) "forum leaderboard" it will show the top 25 thread subjects in order from highest voted to lowest (I'm assuming its not hard to make...)

Thats it, Sorry if I made this very hard to understand I tried to write it in as much detail of the top of my head, If you would like more information or couldn't understand a certain part (or all of) what I said, please dont hesitate to PM me.

Looking forward too hearing and working with you,