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Full Version: Mybbsig problem
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Hey guys,
This plugin was working before. Now it's working but not updating.
I gotta refresh it manually..
It's kinda annoying. What should I do ?
What version of MyBB are you running?
MyBB Version 1.6.4
Hmm add the image to your signature in here and ill have a look.
It's there.
Ok and by manually refresh it, you mean re-generate the code?
No.. I mean, right click on the image.
Open it in a new tab, and refresh it.
The signiture doesnt update live, you will have to refresh for the script to reload values.
The bar updates as people change pages, so even if your offline when I refresh my page it will update.
I know man.
But now you gotta refresh it manually by pressing F5 or *right click* - refresh.
Before it was working normally. You visit another page no refreshing or such and it's updated.
Well its working fine for me. You gone up around 20 posts since yesterday
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