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As a security feature i m looking into a way of modding the IP logs so that the admin and the mod's IP's do not get logged at all. No sign up, no post, no nothing. But i want the other IP logging functions to work. Is this possible to achieve?
Well first, sign up is always going to be logged, as a user does not sign up into the moderator usergroup.
But is there a way to remove it then? Delete the sign up when i upgrade them?
I dont its possible to not log group members IP addresses with the core features of MyBB.
You possibly might beable to delete the IP addresses manually in phpMyAdmin, but you'll have to keep deleting them which is less then ideal.
Even if someone did manage to find out your IP address, it wouldnt be too much of a security risk. Practically every website you visit logs your IP address.
Perhaps its time to invest in a good VPN then...
Are you really that worried about it?

You can set your groups to not be able to see IPs, or you can search every file in MyBB for $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] but that'd be dumb/dangerous.
OK then, How do you set everyone mods and under to be unable to see them?
Go to this: index.php?module=user-groups&action=edit&gid=6

And find everything to do with IPs, uncheck it.
That does nothing.
Incorrect. It does exactly what it's supposed to and says.

Like we've already told you, you can't just take out IP logging from MyBB, and moderators are supposed to be able to see IPs so they can execute multiple account checks, etc.

Please answer this, why in hell are you so worried?
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