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Full Version: Ficons v3.0 (forum icons)
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Hi, two quick questions, First i get a issue with subforums, it get screwed, i looked into the files that are stated in the readme and it's all correct.
Screenshot of it: *** Can't post because i don't have 10 posts, however you can check my site directly, It's relentlessphoenix . com
Go to the gaming tab then press Wildstar and going to of the the sub forums.

EDIT: Can i change so subforums have the regular icon instead of a custom icon? i want the off / on images for the sub forums.
Doable ?
Thanks a lot for this, looks great! :smile:
Anyone know if this will work successfully for Mybb1.8?
Why not give it a try yourself ?
Will there ever be a update for mybb 1.8?
This plugin replaces icons on, off, offlock or attached in addition to the existing ones?
Thank you!
Thanks for the plugin
thank you very much

thank you very much for this plugin it will serve me: D
looks really good will give it a try

so I have installed it and its saying ficons.lang.php doesn't exist on 1.8.3 when it does any ideas?
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