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Full Version: Ficons v3.0 (forum icons)
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Thanx very much i do like to have this great feature on a forum
Thank you so much Smile I really like this one.
Great plugin, thanks heaps dude Smile
Nice plugin. I just need to find some ficons that fit my forum theme lol. Thanks a lot for it.
Great plugin. I love it Big Grin
Dunno if this has been resolved already...but upon uploading this plugin, I get this error:

inc/languages/english/admin/ficons.lang.php does not exist

I assume I just have to copy the regular user language file over there and all should be peachy?
awesome plugin ..Thank You!!
Works great! Is it possible to make mod display 50% or 75% of the image's actual size? Then, I can upload slightly larger files (with more detail), and when users zoom in, they will be quality images.
Thanks for the great plugin.
I want to get these plugins on my forum so I can finally have more than just bots.
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