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Music Anchor is an online music discussion board targeted at deep music fanatics from across the globe. We are a relatively new forum and are seeking internet users to join an up rising and tight music community.

Our Motives:

We want our members to have the best possible feel and freely browse our community and gain knowledge on music. We thrive towards discussions, music album reviews, musical debates and general discussion. We also have sections where you can advertise and post your own tracks, request help, discuss audio equipment, post tutorials related to audio or just generally discuss current artists and bands. We also allow self promotion. Maybe you have a band or a track of your own you want to share with the world? It is all freely allowed.

How to find us:

You can find us by clicking the link below this paragraph. We appreciate any internet users who take the time to register to our community and we promise we will not let you down. Our current members will make you feel at home and fit in comfortably. We hope you take the time to register with us and enjoy your stay with Music Anchor if you decide to do so.

Website URL:
Some suggestions:

I think you have too many sections for a forum that has not very much active members yet.
And about the theme, I accosiate music with something colorful.. Something 'hippystyle' Smile
You should get a custom theme for it Smile
Just my 2 cents.

Good luck!