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Full Version: too much awards kills my forum!
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yeah now i had to give a total of 9 awards
to some users and post bit goes to heeel

i've checked the code
and the error can be fixed
    $awards = "<span style=\"white-space:normal; width: 100%;\">";

    while($results = $db->fetch_array($query))
        $awards .= "<a href=\"myawards.php?awid=".$results['awid']."\" rel=\"nofollow\"><img src=\"uploads/awards/".$results['awimg']."\" border=\"0\" title=\"".$results['awname']."\" alt=\"".$results['awname']."\" /></a>";


    $awards .= "</span>";

    $read = str_replace("<!-- AWARDS -->", $awards, $read);

but my skills are not enough for
can someone fix it please?
That should not matter at all.
What i mean is this

maybe splitting into a second row of awards

or adding a counter
like if $awardscount is >5 or some like that add to <--awards---> = +<br/>?

i don't know honestly
It automatically breaks already based on width.
yeah i've noticed that in firefox looks fine breaks as you say
but it doesn't in chrome

could you fix that please?
Sorry I dont know how to fix this.
I guess you could add some code that breaks the awards after a certain amount of awards are given out.
But I dont see why it works on Firefox and not Chrome.
Infact, even in firefox it adjusts the width of the vertical postbit. Just not as much as chrome.
My sites are perfectly fine with the break in Chrome. Are you using classic postbit or the newer horizontal?
Hes using the classic vertical postbit.
Sorry I dont know how to fix this.

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