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Full Version: ★NEW★ [★★] [★Very Active Community★]★we welcome all Members★
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Hello, today I'd like to introduce to you of my new gaming website

[Image: 98loC.png]

[Image: gpsign2.png]

We are looking for members for a new gaming community powered by MyBB and some notable staff members.

I guess all of you have been playing video games, or are playing now, either console or PC games. You know that notorious feeling when you lose yourself in your secret world, with all those creatures and adventures that are just waiting for you to challenge.
That's right. You came to right place!

This is your station, your home. Our goal is to collect all of you gamers in one place, Gaming Pit.

It's a good choice of a URL and has a custom theme. Currently, things are being edited and fixed, but in due time, all will be ready.

We are a new community and I hope we will grow fast.

Gaming Pit isn't only about gaming though. The site is here for any form of discussion and if you have a suggestion for a section to add then please post a thread in the suggestions section.
Also, there is more sections like Music, Graphics, Anime etc. so find yourself in the forum you like and enjoy.

So now we are officially open. that's it, and read our rules before posting.
Thanks for reading and have a nice stay!
looks like a nice site.
Like he said, looks pretty nice. That a custom theme?