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Full Version: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2
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This is what I needed.
Hey, Labrocca or anyone who can help? I'm having some trouble with this plug in. My second tab does not show anything. I just gets cut off after the header. Also, what do I have to do to make the tabs 100% width? I only have 2 tabs.

Also, my footer doesn't show on the index page anymore.

edit again:
Ok so everything is working fine for admin now, but as a guest or regular member, all categories (Aside from those they don't have perms for) are shown in both tabs.
I have another suggestion. Make it so you can hide certain tabs to certain members.
I've purposely put my announcement forums up top since everyone has access to it (except banned people), but guests and regular registered members are still not working. It just shows my index url with a # sign after it. All categories show up on both tabs for guest or registered members. Also, the tabs don't memorize. If I refresh my page, it goes back to the first tab.
(Mar 15, 2012, 07:54 PM)dalawh Wrote: [ -> ]I have another suggestion. Make it so you can hide certain tabs to certain members.

Members already can't deal with setting this up. If I added that it would only complicate this more.
Will someone help me with this?
I'm pretty sure I'm setting it up properly.
Is it possible to change the color of the menu bar as this doesn't fit in with my theme

I downloaded this earlier and it was working perfectly. Then i was going through many different themes testing which one I thought looked best.

Now the tabs won't work, all tabs shows but only the first one loads up the content when i click it. The others just show nothing

Would anybody be able to help me please?

If you added new themes you can deactivate then activate. Do NOT uninstall.
How would I go about fixing this if I were to have un-installed? :S

Uninstall means you have to start over as if it was never installed.