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Full Version: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2
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With the new 1.6.9 update, it seems to cause a bug with firefox. The style of the tabs are a bit weird.
Hope this works thanks
When I install it, it won't let me add my last forum to a tab.

Then when I look at a tab it just looks like this:
And the other tabs just show nothing. Without the selected forums.
What's wrong with it, or what did I do wrong? I added them all in I though.
Added this to my forum today. Took a little tweaking to get everything looking how I wanted, round edges, colours etc, also tabs were showing blank pages at first but that was an easy fix.

Great plugin though, keep it up
Can someone help me with this please?
Apparently I need one post EVEN THOUGH I've purchased this Subscriber thing to get the modification.. disappointing.
(Jan 18, 2013, 03:43 PM)Grey Wrote: [ -> ]Can someone help me with this please?

What help do you need with it?

On every tab I always have two sections they are on the bottom of the forums. Upgraded and Groups always are on the bottom.

Also when a guest clicks on the tab it brings them to the top.
I installed the plugin and the tabs don't work.
It shows all my categories on the first tab and it's
impossible to click the other tabs.
They add a # to my browser also.
I've heard a lot about a tab plugin having a vuln in it, and since I own a popular forum I just want to make sure.
Are there currently any known vulns in the plugin?