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Full Version: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2
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Awesome, Works perfectly, thanks!
Thanks! I needed this so much. Better than mytabs.
can anyone tell me why i am getting this when i go to the tab menu page
[Image: Kc4hxWs.png]
This is an excellent plugin. Will be looking forward to this.
@GameOver, if you still need help with it, you have to authenticate (add permission) your self to use the plugin.
admin panel >> Users & Groups >> Admin Permissions >> click on your user name --> Forums & Posts (tab) -->
Can manage tab menu? <-- select yes and update permissions
Thank you mate. Hopefully this will be easy to integrate into my forum.
Works great very slick Smile
Thanks for this this is a awesome plugin. I use it for my forum.
Thanks for the plugin. I have been looking for this for my forum. I really appreciate it.
The new version seem to work for me. Thanks.