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Full Version: Tabbed Menu v2.0.2
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thanks man i really needed this!

EDIT: Is not compatible with 1.8 myBB Sad

RED EDIT: Nvm, I wnt into inc>plugins> and opened tab_menu and changed 
"compatibility" => "16*"

"compatibility" => "18*"

Now it works fine Smile
Great plugin, really need something like this, thank you.
Thanks, this is just what I needed!
Damn, came here thinking I'd need to pay for all these plugins again (had an account years ago and paid the $10 or whatever it was), but nope, you've made them free. What a legend. Thanks!
Want to look into this! Thanks Smile
Tnx alot ...
Nice. Smile Im gonna try this
This is one of the most useful plugins. It improves my users loading time by a lot!
Thank you very much. Wanted to find this for a long time now.
Thanks! I think I'm gonna use this on my forum