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Full Version: My Ad Manager v1.2
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Cant install this getting a error.Sad
I installed the plugin and as I can see I got no template edits (no ads on the page aswell).Any help?
This is fantastic. You and Labrocca do an amazing job.
I installed this plugin and no ads show up on my forum.

I just want the Header Ad working.
Thanks for the great plug-in. Just what I was looking for...
Great Plug-in!
When this getting updated?
Thanks for This Plugin. I Love being a Subscriber and Getting all these Plugins!
Big Grin
If I wanted the inline ad to appear as a user posted it say "advertiser" what code would I have to implement?


I installed this and activated it but I'm having trouble.

When I insert my adsence code it does not save the settings.

Any advice?
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