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Hello, MyBBCentral I need need some reviews on this site it is a nice design on it and its getting better and better everydayBig Grin
Its a MyBB Forum OF COURSESmile


Please tell me what you guys thinkBig Grin

Looking for staff to btwTongue
Sorry but just because of the domain and name of the forum I dont like it.
Forum is down....

Bleepy, why do you have such hatred for HF?
The site is still down, or i would gladly give you a review. I dislike the domain name though. That's basically the only review I can give. lol
Its not that, its the fact that he copied them.
i agree it is Very friendly members
Nice site!

Extremely friendly members.
Yeah, all 2 of them are so friendly hahahaha.
Lol he created 2 new accs to post and this site has been taken down by DMCA courtesy of
Ok i am remaking the site again because the hosting company got suspended so im doing it again and if anyone wanna help me remake it that would be awesome and if you wanna get paid for helping me that would also be fine toSmile
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