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Hello everyone. I decided to make a WWE Fan Forum as I'm incredibly passionate about the business. I'm a massive fan, and since I'm also a passionate webmaster I thought why not make a forum based on it?

The site is incredibly new, I installed it all yesterday and worked on it today. We are using Audentio's Luxure theme, but will be customizing some of it soon to make it more related to wrestling. At the moment we are mainly concentrating on WWE related wrestling, but we will definitely in the near future add in sub-forums for TNA, RoH, Japan Wrestling, FCW etc.

The site won't be like some other new sites, and be dead & gone within a week, I'm a relatively experienced webmaster with great friends with different skills in website development, and have worked with eachother for a long period of time. Our main concern is always satisfying our users.

As for the sites goals, I won't bore you with a long story, but we're wanting to eventually be the main site for wrestling discussion. We do have serious competition out there, but I definitely feel we can at least match them, or become close to them within the next year or two.

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^ My referral link, you don't have to use it. Smile