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Full Version: pull data from MyBB Forums into a separate webpage?
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Hi there.

My questions may be a bit vast but I need some serious help. I have just made a community site of mine. I wish to use a page as a portal where I can post announcements and general stuff, unrelated to functionality of MyBB.

I was thinking of using Wordpress as the CMS for the portal, but then decided that it would be overkill. Then I decided to use the forum as the CMS, pulling content/posts from it. I have worked with the SSI.php function of IPB and SMF and was expecting something similar with MYBB. But there doesn't seem to be any official like that.

My "portal" will sit on http://mydomain/index.php. Forums sit on http://mydomain/forums/
These are the list of things that I want to do.
  1. Show statistics like total no. of community members
  2. Use the calendar of MyBB
  3. Display posts/announcements from a Thread named "Announcement"
  4. Show 5 latest posts

I also want to edit the style of the received data. Any help will be appreciated.
You'll have to google how to 'get' values from a MySQL table.
Im too busy to go working it all out etc.

"Getting Data from MySQL in PHP"
something like that will do.