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Full Version: Paypal subscribe
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I wanted to subscribe using the link in the welcome message. But there I came to an issue.

You ask to pay through paypal or debit card. I do have a paypal account, but you ask to add a debit card to my account. I refuse to do this, because I don't have visa, or anything else that looks like it. I just transfer money from my bank account to paypal.

So, I get this error when I try to pay it with paypal:

To complete this payment, add a debit or credit card to your PayPal account. Your card will not be charged unless the transaction amount exceeds your balance.

Now, I refuse to get a credit card just to pay 10$.

Could it be because I don't have any currency in dollars? I got like 70 euros (should be like 80$ )

I understand that you use some sort of contract form of 5 years, and if this exceeds it will automatic pay for the next 5 years. Understandable, so after 5 years I still pay for downloading stuff. Can't you just restrict the download rights after 5 years for example?

That would be it.

Any ideas here?

Kind regards,

The $10 is for lifetime subscription.
So why can't I pay without credit card (paypal)
If your Paypal verified?
I think your paypal has to be verified.

That's definitely not it:

Status: Verified
Account Type: Business

I have been using this stuff to pay for many things, and never had trouble with payments. Since I got business type.

MyBB Central Subscription

$10,00 USD for each 5 years

$10,00 USD
This topic is still unsolved.
If you can't pay with the current methods then you can't upgrade.