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Full Version: mybb forum url malfunction
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Hi I'm curious to know I have this site..
Has its a host by x10hosting
My question is how do I remove the /forum/ for it to work
Everytime I type it never works like I need the /forum/
And it pisses me off.
I also bought a domain name and I would like to use tat name but if it will have?/forum/ then I won't bother.

The reason why it is because I did this in FTP
Public_HTML/forum/all mybb files
Is there a way I can do this instead public_HTML/all mybb files
So I don't have to input forum after .bz
If so reply bak to me with a yes also I'm using x10hosting
Because its free but how do I change it so tat I can use my. Com domain name...
If ur kind enought to help please let be here if not message me on Skype zFakieHDz
So your basically asking to have your forum in the home directory of your site and not in the sub directory of forum.

This is quite a common issue and can be done by first moving all your files in /forum into your site root. Then go to the settings panel of you're AdminCP, click general configuration and change the URL to the desired ones. Ensure you change cookie domain lower down too.