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Full Version: How can this be done?
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I would like to move my navigation links to below the "Tech Gang" logo and off the grey bar. (Like HF)

I tried it before but it displayed as a list.

Site - TechGang.Net
So you just don't want there to be a background to the navigation?
Like know how I have a grey background where the NavBar is.

I would like my navigation link to be on the bg.png (The little people) below the "TechGang" logo.
Ahhh ok I get you now.
That shouldnt be too hard. It should just be a matter changing the logo background to nothing and putting the 'menu' background to the bg.png.
If your struggling ill quite happily take a look for you if you'd like?
I have already done that and it showed up grey. Like it is now.

Should I make the bg.png bigger as in downwards and try that?