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Full Version: MyBB Redirect Issue
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Okay I am having some serious redirecting issues:

I don't know how to do this at all. I keep getting this when I use the additional option feature.
What additional option feature are you having issues with?
(Jan 05, 2012, 06:23 AM)BleepyEvans Wrote: [ -> ]What additional option feature are you having issues with?

The part where you add a link to redirect. I get the issue listed above.
Ensure you add http:// to the link.
Wow you just saved me a ton load of time. I was flipping out.
lol no problem.
If you dont add the http:// it will think its an internal link, not external Wink
Okay thanks. Is there a plugin for MyBB like the community forum on MyBB has that basically looks like this:

[Error Support] Thread

I want something in the brackets.
This is what we call Thread Prefixes and can be found in the Configuration tab.

Although the feature you talk about is actually talk about, that is used at MyBB is actually called MySupport by MattR and is mainly for managing and organising support forums, allowing you to assign certain support areas to differnet moderators and so on.

If all you require is the '[Tutorial] Jumping off a cliff' then stick to the Thread Prefixes Wink