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Full Version: Free domain names and advertising MyBB website; please review?
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My website is:

I'm giving away domain names(with full control, godaddy or namecheap) and advertising for just a few posts.

If you're from mybbcentral however, you can get a .info domain name for only 10 posts (replies OR topics!). When you post a domain request topic, include that you're from mybbcentral.
For 20 posts i'm offering a free .us domain name. (Also mybbcentral only)

I'm only going to accept a few people from here for 10 posts, so be fast!

Why only 10 posts? The website is just starting out and I need testimonials Smile.

Thanks for reading,
Sounds like a really good idea :3
You should do 10/month instead
(Jan 05, 2012, 04:07 PM)MaDnEsS Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like a really good idea :3
You should do 10/month instead

That's impossible since I transfer the domains to the users, so the user gets full control over the domains.
If you're interested, we could partner up and invest together? I'm ready to pay a bit more than 80€/year. The more you invest with me, the more domains we can give away, the more users, the more revenue from ads, the more content, the more pagerank we get.

PM Me if interested, we could both be administrators.

Right now I need some help advertising ..
Im very interested in this... hmm
Site looks nice, Not going for the bg though.
The backgrounds behind the headers are a pain to look at, maybe if the static were more subtle it'd look nicer. Other than that the site is very nice
this sounds pretty good