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Full Version: Need Help
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Alright lads.

I really need some help. I have just recently started off my Youtube Channel and I need some help to get it started.

I know you most likely think "Another Noob on Youtube", but seriously lads. Im asking for your help, I need to get this started and I want to take this seriously.

Here is my channel:
I will be uploading some Computing and Gaming Videos, Tutorials, Commentaries and Guides. I would really appreciate it if you could Subscribe and maybe put a few comments and likes on a couple of my videos.

You help me out and I'll gladly help you out on HackForums.

Cheers lads! I'm asking for you!

Some of the members here don't go on HackForums but nonetheless PM me for my MSN and I am sure I may be able to find you ways to boost yourself.

I could help if you want, just PM me . ?


This is Cool!
I'd happily boost you a little, will be doing it later.