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Full Version: Awards System , Help . ?
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Hey I have a Awards Plugin, How do I add the [details] thing in the awards box like the reputation box ?
Can you provide a screenshot by any chance?
Id think I can, I dont have any screen shot things like gyazo or whatever . ?
Like I just need the code for the details box . ?
I would be able to get a better understanding if I could see the problem :/
No, this is all: You know the awards box on the users profile > You also know how there is a [details] box in the reputation box, I want it just like that because I don't have the [details] thing .
Try uploading a screenshot, you don't need any programs, press the print button on your keyboard, open mspaint, press Ctrl+V done. No excuse for uploading one now Smile
Add: {$myawards}
After: {$reputation}

Plus, if you cant make a screenshot then just give us a link to your forum.