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Full Version: Introducing myself.
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I never told my story about MyBB, so here it is.

I joined MyBB Central a year and a half back so I could start learning about the forum software. I was very interested in it even though like every newcomer I was very noobish (only at first!).

Now I like to create MyBB Plugins/Modifications. I have a lot of great ideas for new plugins that I hope you all will enjoy.

In the future, I want to try out some theme designing. It is something I haven't quite found the incredible urge to do yet (still working on my design skills Wink ). I hope to try it out this year though.

Currently, I am helping labrocca to update all of his plugins to be compatible with MyBB 1.6.5. I will also be working on some cool new plugins I have in mind.

Take care Cool
Hey xerotic! Seen you around HF! I love your plugins, keep them coming.
Keep Up The Good Work Xerotic.