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Full Version: , take a look please (warning 18+)
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well i had just started a new forum , basically my forum is for uploaders mainly , so if you are uploader , then please share your uploads.

I am not good in forum and all but to share all my uploads i had started this forum :blush: , presently the most active section is 18+ section Tongue , so if you want you can share or download lots of porn from there :superman:

premium account section is just to get more visitors , but mainly my main focus is for download section.

Any kind of suggestion will be appreciated Shy

And if you like then please join it Cool

Pretty interesting forum Tongue
i'll give it a look.
Layout and colors are a bit over the place.
Logo and forum don't really match.
Random background colors on text in theadings?
The logo could use some work and the forum could use a bit more design, apart from that i really like your domain name i believe it has potential.