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Full Version: How do you promote your forum?
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How do you promote your forum? I'm looking to get more members, I just don't know how.


Best way is to add code for Google to pick up your forum more. There are many plugins for this, the best one I've found is

I'm not too sure how that goes now though in 1.6.5. It seemed great when I needed it.

It can also bring more spambots to your forums to be careful.

- Nunnsy
I really recommend a good plugin.
(Jan 18, 2012, 07:22 PM)atre Wrote: [ -> ]I really recommend a good plugin.
... and that plugin would be?
I've recently just made a forum, so once It's done I'll be needing to find ways to promote it and keep it active myself.
For some odd reason I tend to get spam members which lead to traffic I think in the long run.
I have 500+ buddies added on Aim, I post my website on my status and then I usually get members joining afterwards.

Ladjum //

Pay Pub for google Big Grin
google-seo is an awesome plugin.