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Full Version: Mod Warning Mycode
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This is very handy for mods give warnings in post and have it be distinguishable.

Screenshot attached.

This works ONLY when the last person to edit a post is in group 3,4, or 6 (moderator groups).  I had a very hard time trying to do this any other way (such as the is_moderator function).  However I feel it will still be worth the effort to install.

You just use tags
[mod]mesage[/mod] or [mod=moderator_name]message[/mod]

I hard coded the style into the plugin but if needed you can easily edit the plugin file.

Also note that if you have ajax enabled when you quick edit a post you will not see the mod message UNLESS you refresh the page.  However rest assured other members will. Smile
Demo here

[mod=Defender]You are warned[/mod]

[mod]Do not spam![/mod]
thanx Big Grin
OGtr Thans de bu ne işe yarıyo Big Grin
hmz i added this plugin and activated it,
next i tried to use this mod-warning with my
test-acc, which is a supermoderator, but it didnt work for meh ...
Nice Wink
Sorry double no warn plax
I was years looking for a plugin like that!
thank for another good plugin
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